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New Year's Resolutions!

It’s time to go into 2011 with a bang!

This year is a New Year of hope, optimism, determination and strength. It’s a new year of hopeful fertility doctor visits, promising IVF cycles and new fertility medications.

We know that you may have wasted too many tears in 2010, but NO MORE! 2011 is the new and improved you! This year, you will refuse to let infertility beat you down, and you will have the strength to overcome challenges that will lead you in a more positive direction.

Repeat after us:

This year, I will NOT let infertility bring me down and I will NOT waste one more minute feeling sorry for myself! I promise to face this new year with a new sense of strength and hope, and the ability to enjoy my life whereever my path to parenthood may lead.

We can’t hear you! Say it again! 2011 is YOUR year!