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No Doom in This Waiting Room

You’re in the waiting room. You are so nervous because today is your very first IVF retrieval.

New to this scene, you scan the room, looking at each woman wondering about her story. You avoid eye contact while you listen for your name. You think you hear it three times before it’s actually called. You try to concentrate on a magazine, but that well-worn copy of Redbook just isn’t doing the trick. You check your cell phone (again) to make sure the ringer is off. Did they say your phone should be turned off completely, or just the ringer?

Finally, the nurse calls your name. As you gather your things, the woman next to you puts her hand on your arm and says, “Take the Valium they give you. You’ll be fine,” and gives you a reassuring smile. That was all you needed. And you’re off.

Next time you’re in the waiting room, offer another patient your smile. No need for intrusive chat, just a reassuring glance might give another the gumption she needs. We’re in this together!