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Our Film Forum

There seems to be a trend in American films these days: the unconventional family. While it's nothing new to highlight a family that experienced something remarkable, it's just that the definition of remarkable has a common thread right now.

If you missed some of these summer comedies, you can now watch them on DVD over the holidays.

In The Kids Are All Right, we meet a family. This family has two moms (a lesbian couple) and two children. The children, born to each of the moms, are the result of sperm bank donations. The kids are curious to meet their "dad" the sperm donor. Hilarity ensues. Right.

In another film called The Switch there's some kind of sperm donor mix-up and then, years later, the now-grown boy doesn't know who his dad is! And two different donors are questioning their paternal involvement! Isn't that zany?!

What's going on here? We're all for comedies, but why does artificial insemination have to be the butt of the joke? Yeah, yeah. We get that the movies conclude that families are families are families. But it’s the underlying message that scares us: things go CRAZY when you let people make families without straight heterosexual sex. And there's no shortage of jabs at the sperm banks themselves. As if the people running these places are irresponsible and clueless. Sigh.

Do we need to lighten up? See the movies for yourself and decide.