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The Out-of-Towner

Reproductive Endocrinologists (fertility doctors to the uninitiated) practice in most major cities. But it is important that you find the one for you. What if you find one in another city altogether?

Before you enter into this long distance relationship, consider these things:

  • This is not going to save you any money. Even if her services are less expensive than a local doctor’s, your travel expenses will certainly add up.
  • Planning last minute tests and procedures are very difficult from a distance. Much of ART depends on weekly blood tests. Getting to her office when your body is ready will be hard to plan.
  • It is hard to develop a relationship with support staff by phone. If you are visiting your doctor less frequently, you might find that the service you receive by phone is less engaged because the person on the other end of the phone has never seen you before.

Ultimately, if you find a doctor who is out of town and she is the right fit for you, none of the above will matter. But it is hard to be practical when you want something so badly.

That’s what we’re here for.