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Ovulation Stick Confusion?

Confused by your ovulation fertility kit? The packaging and instructions look so simple, but you still feel confused.

You’ve peed on the sticks for seven days straight, and you can’t see a second line for the life of you. The ovulation kit box says a smiley face will appear, but all you can find is a big fat frown. Then, there is a test line that should be darker than the control line but the control line is always lighter except for one day when it looked darker (but you still weren’t sure). Now, you’ve used up all the sticks and have to run to the drug store to purchase more. How does this thing work again?

We're quite sure you’re suffering from OPK (Ovulation Predictor Kit) Anxiety.

Although ovulation tests can be pretty accurate, asking your body to cooperate might not be as simple. Test out different brands that may work better for you and look for signs of ovulation from your own body. And hopefully, ovulation will eventually arrive.