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Plan Your 'Crib' List

One of these days you’re going to get pregnant, and although you will welcome the responsibilities, you might miss your free time.

As you wait for baby, try to enjoy the limited time you have left with just you and your partner. Plan your crib list. This doesn’t mean buying items for your future child — it is the list of things you want to do with your partner before your baby arrives. Your childless Saturday night outings may soon be few and far-between, so start planning right now.

Your Crib List

  • Try out that new restaurant in your neighborhood (It won’t be as fun with a crying baby.)
  • Have a date night on Saturday (you won’t need to hire a babysitter!)
  • Plan a spa day with the girls (getting a massage won’t be as easy when you’re breast-feeding.)
  • Plan a fun vacation! (Baby + airplane does not equal a good time)

Whatever your crib list is, make sure to enjoy your alone time together right now.