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Plan Your Fertility-Boosting Valentine's Day Dinner Menu

In preparation of Valentine’s Day this week, here’s a fertility-boosting menu that’s sure to win over your sweetie and boost your baby-making potential.

Guacamole with whole grain crackers or tomato and avocado salad. Avocadoes are packed with folic acid and vitamin B among other health and fertility essentials. Not to mention, the Aztecs used avocadoes as sex stimulants given the…umm…suggestive appearance of two avocadoes hanging in a tree.

Main course:
Broiled oysters with garlic and breadcrumbs. Oysters are rich in zinc and are rumored to promote healthy egg and sperm production. Garlic is an anti-inflammatory and stimulant of reproductive organs.

Asparagus. Asparagus may make your urine smell, but it contains folate which aids in healthy sperm production and regulates ovulation. It also contains antioxidants which decrease the risk of DNA damage from free radicals.

Ice cream with dark chocolate chips and walnuts. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids and arginine which boost your mood and the blood flow to your reproductive organs. (As if you needed a reason to eat chocolate?) Combined with the benefits of eating full-fat dairy for improving fertility, and walnuts for improving sperm morphology and motility, you might consider skipping right to dessert.

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