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Pregnancy Advice from an IVF Mom

As a new mother of a baby boy born through in vitro fertilization (IVF), here is some of my advice on being pregnant after infertility.
-Naomi, Blogger of Infertility Pop

  • Don’t feel guilty for complaining about pregnancy symptoms. You already know you’re lucky to get pregnant, but morning sickness doesn’t feel like a blessing.
  • Enjoy shopping at maternity stores. You belong there, and you are not an imposter!
  • You will check the toilet paper a lot!
  • Don’t stress if your pregnancy symptoms disappear. It is a good thing when you stop praying to the porcelain gods.
  • Pregnancy goes by very quickly. Enjoy the moments and the alone time with your partner.
  • Don’t think about everything that could go wrong. Instead, embrace everything that is going right.