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Pregnant or PregNOT?

As William Shakespeare (sort of) once said: Pregnant or PregNOT, that is the question.

The two-week wait (luteal phase) can feel like the longest and hardest wait of your life. You might obsess about pregnancy, chart your temperature, google your symptoms and take a pregnancy test each day. But pregnancy tests can be very costly and very disheartening, especially when they come back negative. Testing too early can leave you feeling upset and negative (while you could actually be pregnant for real!)

Here are some suggestions on how to survive the two week wait without testing:

  1. Ask your partner to hide all pregnancy tests.
  2. Put your pregnancy tests on the street and watch while a car drives over them.
  3. Try to return them to the store (note: the store probably won’t accept any used sticks!)
  4. Leave your pregnancy tests at your best friend’s house and advise her not to give them to you (even if you beg, and you probably will).
  5. Dig a hole in your backyard and stick the pregnancy tests inside (if you get desperate, just remember that you will have to dig through a pile of dirt to retrieve them).