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Ready for the Holidays?

We'll keep this one short and sweet because we know you probably have sweet potatoes to top with little marshmallows and chestnuts to roast for stuffing.

The holidays are practically here, and they can be particularly hard when you're having trouble getting pregnant. Not only do you have to cope with infertility, you have to cope with Aunt Edna who can't hear very well hollering across the dinner table about why you haven't had any kids yet and reminding you that you're just not getting any younger.

So, to bolster your courage for facing the family this Thursday, make sure you read Top 5 Ways to Cope with Infertility over the Holidays. And don't forget we also have a Holiday Infertility Survival Guide with lots of great blogs and articles to help you get through this time of year. (In particular, don't miss Lori Shandle-Fox's blogs: The Real Housewives of Infertilityville...A Holiday Special and Hanukkah & Infertility: Will the Similarities Never End?.

If family time becomes a little too much to bear, visit Fertile Thoughts where thousands of other women feel exactly the same way you do. Remember, we at Fertility Authority have your back this holiday season. Wishing you strength and happiness this Thanksgiving and always!

Watch as Dr. Andrea Braverman explains: "How Can Friends and Family Be Supportive During Infertility?"

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