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The Red Flag

Aunt Flow.
Menstrual cycle.
On the Rag.

Whatever you call it, menstruation is still that bright red surprise that arrives approximately every 28 days and leaves you feeling hormonal and red in the face.

Whether your Aunt Flow is your arch enemy (great, I’m not pregnant again) or a welcome visitor (hooray, I actually got my period this month!), getting your monthly period is the way your body tells you that it’s working properly.

But getting your period can be difficult, especially when you want to get pregnant, and she always seems to arrive at the wrong time (such as during your cousin's wedding). But hold onto to those maxi pads because there will come a time when she doesn’t show up, and you get to rejoice in those two magical positive lines.

So, if Aunt Flow does show up for a visit this month, try not to get discouraged. It might be the last time you see her for nine months or so!