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Relocating? Take Your Frozen Eggs or Embryos With You!

If you’re about to undergo egg freezing or IVF, you likely have your cycle all planned out. You know exactly which day you will start stimulation drugs, and have the date of your retrieval highlighted on the calendar. You couldn’t be more prepared.

But what happens if you have to relocate away from your current fertility clinic for a career change, to work with a gestational surrogate in another state, or to get a second opinion with a clinic across the country? There are many reasons why an individual or couple might choose to transport their eggs or embryos. The responsibility to ship those eggs or embryos usually falls on the patient.

Fortunately, cryogenic shipping companies are available to take much of the stress off of the patient. The cryogenic shipping company will handle everything from paperwork to tracking and temperature maintenance throughout the shipping process.

Fertility Authority and Cryoport have teamed up to provide patients with information on shipping frozen eggs or embryos. To learn more about working with a cryogenic shipping company, and to understand the process of transporting your eggs or embryos, check out this article:

Don't forget, you can connect with other women freezing their eggs by visiting the Egg Freezing forum or chat with those who have frozen embryos on the Frozen Embryo Transfer forum at!

Watch as Dr. Bruce Shapiro of Fertility Center of Las Vegas discusses why more IVF cycles are using frozen embryo transfers to help patients conceive:

Click image to play.

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