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Reproductive Tourism and Frozen Embryo Transport

Considering reproductive tourism for IVF or surrogacy? If you plan to travel out of the country for fertility treatment to take advantage of financial savings, you will want to make sure the clinic staff:

  • Can provide adequate medical care
  • Has experience receiving and handling eggs or embryos
  • Is knowledgeable in local laws and regulations regarding international patients as well as the receiving of human gametes for treatment purposes

Cryogenic shipping companies can make this process easier for patients due to their experience with customs and required documentation. Frozen eggs or embryos will be monitored during the shipping process to ensure they maintain a temperature of -150 degrees Celsius and arrive at the destination within 10 days.

Looking to discuss frozen egg or embryo shipment with your fertility clinic? Fertility Authority and Cryoport have devised a list of questions you should ask your international clinic about receiving eggs or embryos for reproductive tourism patients:

Watch as Dr. Angeline Beltsos of Fertility Centers of Illinois discusses: What is Reproductive Tourism?

Click image to play.

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