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Ripley's Fertility Statues

Here is a strange and wacky story to brighten up your day ...

Are you trying to get pregnant? Maybe it's time to book a spring break vacation to Disney World, and you might come home that way!

The Ripley's Believe It or Not! Fertility Statues are on tour in Orlando, Fla., and they're spreading around some so-called baby dust! According to the Ripley’s website, two African Fertility statues — which 2,000 women believe helped them get pregnant shortly after they touched the statues — will be displayed at the Ripley’s museum for free for the next little awhile. Supposedly, women from all over the world have come to touch these fertility statues, hoping that this urban legend will come true for them, too.

Just don't confuse Mickey Mouse and Goofy with the fertility statues!