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Save the (Fertility) Horror Stories for Halloween

So let’s say you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while. Maybe you’re starting to think about the possibility of going for fertility treatments. Maybe you’ve already started gathering information about fertility doctors in your area. Maybe you’ve even taken that first step into the fertility clinic. Now you start to tell people about your entire infertility experience.

Caution!! Danger ahead!!!

You will hear some strange things from people. You’ll hear some horror stories. This is not a camping trip. This is not Halloween. Don’t let them scare you. Just keep an open mind … and at least one ear closed. Most importantly, make sure you keep your little voice of reason in the back of your head in perfect working order:

  • “You’re not doing those fertility drugs are you? My neighbor’s sister’s daughter did them and had six babies!” (This is probably a lie. Or at least an exaggeration. There’s very little chance that this woman knows much of anything about her neighbor’s sister’s daughter. If her neighbor even has a sister. If this woman even has a neighbor.)
  • “Oh my gosh. Those shots are so painful! I hate needles. Every night I had to wait for the nurse down the block to come home from work to give me my shots. And I still passed out twice!” (I don’t have a problem with needles. This lady is a whack job. She freaks out about everything. She has a panic attack when her morning newspaper lands on the grass instead of the driveway. Why would I assume she picked this moment to finally be rational? And I doubt she really passed out. She just thought it would make her melodrama sound more melodramatic.”)

You have enough going on in your life. If you can’t dismiss these horror stories altogether, at least push them to the back of your head until Halloween. Then get a flashlight, go onto the front lawn, yell “Story Time!” and scare the daylights out of the trick-or-treaters.

Need further confirmation that fertility treatment and testing isn't as bad as those horror stories make them out to be? Watch as Dr. Ilan Tur-Kaspa, of the Institute for Human Reproduction, answers: "Is Infertility Testing Painful?"

Click Image to Play.

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