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Saving for Baby

If you think having a baby is expensive, so is trying to get pregnant!

Face it. You spend a lot of money on ovulation kits, pregnancy tests and fertility monitors, all in the hopes of getting pregnant. You may purchase a basal thermometer, buy more pregnancy tests or even try acupuncture. Before even trying fertility drugs and treatments, you may have already spent hundreds of dollars on these fertility products.

Don’t despair!

You can still do simple things in your life to reduce costs. Enjoying your daily $4 latte? It may only seem like a small cost, but add it up every month, and you could be putting that extra cash toward something else. Same goes with your weekly lunch dates! Bringing your lunch to work can be both healthy and financially rewarding. How about transportation costs? If you live close to work, how about walking or riding your bike? Gas is expensive.

There are simple ways to cut out excess spending, and you can put that money toward future fertility expenses. And who knows? Maybe you’ll be able to afford a swanky maternity wardrobe with the money you save!