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Seven Things Infertiles Find Sexy: The Valentine’s Week Edition

Let’s face it. There is nothing sexy about fertility drugs in the refrigerator next to the chocolate covered strawberries, and those Progesterone in Oil (PIO) “targets” drawn in permanent marker on your behind are not cute. However, there are some things your partner can do during the roller coaster that is infertility treatment to make you look at things with rose-colored heart goggles.

Here is the list of 7 things infertiles find sexy:

  1. A man who (voluntarily) takes vitamins, eats healthy and exercises, and ditches his form-fitting undies to promote better sperm production.

  2. A partner who is willing to inject you in the butt with Progesterone in Oil (PIO), and still tells you how cute you are.

  3. A significant other who smiles, hugs you, and acts like you didn’t just turn 50 shades of Clomid crazy.

  4. A partner who cleans and cooks for you after egg retrieval because they know you are on strict doctor orders to rest those overworked ovaries. (High impact motion or exercise could injure your ovaries. Not to mention, you’re bloated beyond belief.)

  5. A man who reads up on cervical mucus, basal body temperature, and cervical position for charting ovulation.

  6. A significant other who offers a back rub after you’ve had a long day of producing follicles or making that embryo stick.

  7. A partner who dreams of a BFP (big fat positive; home pregnancy test) with you and encourages you through the failed cycles.

Tell us what cute, sexy, or attractive thing your partner did to help you connect as a couple during fertility treatment on!

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