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Seven Ways to Drive Infertile Women Crazy

We’re hormonal, pregnancy-obsessed and suffer from baby bump envy, but at least we still have a sense of humor. Here are the seven secrets on how to drive an infertile seriously crazy ... but we know a kind person like yourself would never do any of these things!

  1. Tell us how you got pregnant on your first try and then complain about your pregnancy symptoms.
  2. Ask us to take weekly photos of your pregnancy belly and then ask us to post them on Facebook FOR you.
  3. Tell us that our fertility clinic telephoned, but you can’t remember the message.
  4. Tell us a story about someone you know who adopted and then suddenly got pregnant.
  5. Wait until the first day of our period and then ask us to help plan your baby shower.
  6. Tell us that you accidentally spilled our fertility medication into the toilet.
  7. Ask us if we’re pregnant yet.