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Sexy Christmas?

According to recent CDC data, September is still the most popular birth month.

Given the average gestation of a pregnancy, that can only mean parents were doing more than wrapping presents last December. We're on to you, guys!

If you're suffering from a case of fertility drug bloat, you're hardly feeling sexy. But, here are some tips to put you in the mood and (hopefully) bring you a September baby too!

  • Buy a new lip gloss or cosmetic of choice. Ever notice how a subtle change makes you feel good about yourself? Bonus points if your significant other notices!
  • Cook a dinner rich in aphrodisiacs, or even better, have a night on the town.
  • Go for a couples' massage or have a spa night at home.
  • Play games or talk over candlelight. Candles make everything sexy.
  • Take a relaxing bath and play some 'feel good' music. That's sure to turn your mood around and relieve stress.

We know first hand how hard it is to get in the mood for sex when you're on a baby-making schedule. Change things up a bit and have some fun!

If you're traveling back to your childhood home over the next few days, check out 10 Tips for TTC While You're Home for the Holidays

Wishing you a very merry and sexy holiday season!

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