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Sibling Rivalry: Fertility Style

At one point or another in your life, it's quite common to be jealous of your sibling(s). Maybe they had better clothes than you or got better grades during school — or perhaps you’re still upset because your parents gave them an extra large piece of pie (so what if you were only 5!).

But what happens when your older (or younger) sibling gets pregnant before you? Although you might be extremely happy to be an auntie, there could also be feelings of envy — or even anger. Perhaps you’re upset because you have been trying to to get pregnant longer than your sister or you wanted to give mom and dad the first grandchild.

Do not feel ashamed. Openly discussing your feelings with your brother or sister might help make them understand your point of view. You will probably regret missing out on baby showers and family events because you were too upset to attend. Just remember that you are going to be an auntie, and that is a very important job which starts right now.