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So Long, Birth Control ...

So long birth control, goodbye pill,
It’s time for a baby before you’re over the hill.
Toss out those condoms, take off those pants,
Let’s set the mood for a fertility dance.
Wiggle that bottom, put your feet in the air,
Time to get jiggy and don’t have a care.
Just have some fun or go out on a date,
(But hurry back home before you ovulate).
Get the bed ready, it’s time to start,
Buy a basal thermometer, it’s time to chart!
Get your predictor kits ready, and now start to test,
Make sure to eat healthy and get plenty of rest.
Relax and de-stress whenever you’re able,
Make sure that you’re ready and financially stable.
Time to give up caffeine and say goodbye to that beer,
Butt out that puffer and don’t shed a tear.
So whenever you’re ready and feeling the lust,
Time to get busy with some baby dust.