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So You Want to Be a Parent?

You're biological clock is ticking, and suddenly, all you see are pregnant women, babies and more babies. You find yourself gazing at the baby store, smiling over cute little clothes and dreaming of the day you can purchase something at the maternity shop.

Congratulations! You’ve been officially bitten by the baby bug, and there’s no turning back now! But before you run out and buy your future offspring a full nursery, answer these questions ...

  1. Are you and your partner financially and emotionally ready to be parents?
  2. Are you in a stable, committed relationship and/or do you have a good support system of friends and family?
  3. Have you talked in depth to your partner about having children?
  4. Are you and your partner ready for the lifetime commitment?
  5. How do you predict parenthood will change your life?

Before you even start thinking about trying to conceive, remember to think about what it means to be a parent. Once your child(ren) have arrived, you can’t send them back!