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So, Your Doctor Has Prescribed Clomid

If you have been trying this baby-making thing for a while and having trouble, your Ob/Gyn may prescribe Clomid, also known as clomiphene or serophene. Clomid is an oral fertility drug that is prescribed to stimulate the ovaries by increasing the amount of hormones that support ovulation.

There is a lot to know about Clomid. For example, while Clomid is often the first step for women who may need fertility treatment, there can be side effects. Women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) who are overweight are often advised to lose weight before trying the drug. In addition, it is not recommended that a woman stay on Clomid indefinitely. The drug can cause problems with the uterine lining and make it less receptive ti embryo implantation. Six cycles is generally the number of cycles recommended before stopping the Clomid.

If you don't become pregnant after taking several rounds of Clomid, make sure to see a fertility doctor for a complete fertility work-up.

FertilityAuthority has a whole section on Clomid with videos and articles. Check it out!

Watch as Dr. Eric Flisser of RMA New York explains: "What is Clomid?"

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