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Spice Up Your Fertility Love Life

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we know that couples trying to conceive might need a little more magic and fun in the bedroom area. When you’re trying to get pregnant, making a baby can sometimes feel like a chore and a bit too routine. So add some spice, especially during the month of February!

Here are our suggestions to add some Valentine’s Day fertility spice ...

  • For the entire month of February, don’t even think about ovulation! Just have some good old fashioned fun.
  • Hide your basal thermometer, ovulation predictor kits and pregnancy sticks. Nothing ruins the mood like an ovulation predictor kit!
  • Book a couples massage at your local spa. Some spas have great Valentine’s Day specials.
  • Refrain from elevating your behind after intercourse. We know it will be difficult, but it’s really not that sexy.
  • When in doubt, just add chocolate. Life is just better with chocolate.