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Spring Cleaning Your Infertility Closet

Finally, the weather is starting to look nicer and you can probably retire your winter boots and hats to the closet. And, it's time for spring cleaning!

But we’re not just talking about gardening and cleaning your bathroom. We’re talking about giving yourself an emotional spring cleaning. It’s time to get rid of emotional baggage and your infertility fears and start anew!

When you’re coping with infertility, it’s common to feel depressed, anxious or upset about your situation. It’s a difficult, but, hopefully, temporary journey. If you find yourself feeling constantly depressed, you may need professional help with therapy and counseling. Speak to your fertility doctor about how you’re feeling, and he or she can recommend a professional to speak with. Also, visit for additional support and resources to help you get through this time.

This spring, start your spring cleaning with yourself — because you won’t want to miss out on the sunshine!