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Surviving Father's Day

Father's Day is a little over two weeks away, but when couples are having trouble conceiving, this Hallmark holiday can be just one more reminder that you are waiting to be parents.

Instead of feeling depressed, here are our suggestions on how to make the best of an un-pregnant Father's Day.

  1. Next year your wife might be pregnant, so this year, treat yourself to an afternoon of wine tasting or throw a big beer and barbecue bash in the backyard.
  2. Ask your wife to buy you that new set of clubs or gargantuan grill you've always wanted.
  3. Celebrate your own dad to the fullest. After all, your own dad deserves to be spoiled.
  4. Take a manly vacation. Nothing says Happy Father's Day than golf vacations, deep sea fishing or heading to a dude ranch a la City Slickers.
  5. Or, how about a romantic candlelit dinner, chocolate fudge cake, and a little pre-seed lubricant to finish the night?

Happy Pre-Father’s Day. One day, it will be your turn too.