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Taking a Minute to Vent

On the internet, there are dozens of places for you to go. After FertilityAuthority (shameless plug), you can view any number of infertility blogs and visit all kinds of chat rooms. Nowadays, anyone can post anything!

Not that we don’t want you to have a place to go, it’s just that some content can be a little, um, off the wall.

Here they are, The Daily Shot’s Message Board Pet Peeves:

    - If you feel compelled to share your horror story, please think about why. Those of us who join message boards are already scared. Why regale us with your list of Clomid side-effects nightmares?

    - Your cutesy abbreviations make us crazy. Not that we don’t wish your DH luck with his upcoming SA. And it’s great that you guys are still doing the BD and are finishing up your first AF and all, but WE CAN’T UNDERSTAND A THING YOU’RE SAYING.

    -One last thing. Maybe try not to write your comments in this font? And in this color. It makes us feel like we’re in grade school instead of grown women.

Okay. Rant over.