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Telling Your Boss about Your Fertility Treatment

What would you rather do? Confide in your mother-in-law about your fertility issues or explain it to your boss? We know it's a toss-up, but hopefully you have a great MIL and an understanding employer!

There may come a time when you have to disclose your fertility treatments because they are interfering with your workplace. So how do you tell your employer about your upcoming treatment? Here are our suggestions.

  1. Honesty. Most employers (we hope!) are nice people and might even being going through similar issues. Be as honest as you feel you can, and you might even establish a better relationship with your boss because of it.
  2. Get a note from your fertility clinic. If you have to miss work, your clinic will provide you with a medical letter that you can give to your HR department.
  3. Talk in person. In the age of cell phones and e-mail, it’s easy to send a quick note that you’re going to be late, but in this instance, face-to-face communication is better. Talk to your boss before he or she hears it through the grapevine.

If you're in doubt about how to explain it all, just tell your employer that you will be late for work because you have to get your eggs surgically removed from your uterus! That’s a good way to get an interesting response or no response at all!