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Thanksgiving Recovery: Fertility Authority's Cure for Infertility Blues

Your family has packed up and headed to the airport, the dishes are all put away, and the buzzer is about to sound on the washing machine. You’ve recovered from Thanksgiving…or have you?

Inevitably, your Aunt Sally tried to be helpful, but said all the wrong things when it comes to fertility advice. “You know, Uncle Greg and I conceived your cousin Sarah on our honeymoon, upside down, drunk, laying still for 17 minutes exactly, while eating a pineapple core…you should try that!”

Before you reflect on the image of Aunt Sally and Uncle Greg that has burned an image into your brain you’d rather forget and binge on leftover pumpkin chiffon pie, remember this:
7.3 million people in the United States are struggling with infertility and at least one million of them have to have received horrible advice from an Aunt Sally and Uncle Greg just like yours!

So, check out Fertility Authority's list of ways to shake off the holiday-induced pity party for one:

  1. Head on over to to share turkey day war stories with other infertility veterans.
  2. Splurge on some Cyber Monday deals for YOURSELF, because you deserve it!
  3. Read Fertility Authority’s Top 5 Ways to Cope with Infertility over the Holidays
  4. Giggle over these advised rules for Infertility Etiquette (and jot down ideas of your own!)
  5. Get a massage or pedicure (or both!)
  6. Round up your girlfriends and go see The Hunger Games
  7. Catch up on the latest celebrity gossip or memes of Kim Kardashian's derriere.
  8. Check out @fertilityauthor or @fertilethoughts on Twitter and catch up on the infertility journeys of our Twitter friends!
  9. Bring your leftovers to a local shelter, but make sure they can accept prepared foods first.

You may have infertility, but don't let infertility have you!

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