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Three Parents, One Baby?

Can two mothers and one father be genetically related to one child? The idea isn’t as sci-fi as it seems.

The Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA) of the United Kingdom has given the “go ahead” for fertility doctors to provide a treatment to couples which will prevent mothers from passing on genetic disease to their offspring. By retrieving eggs from an intended mother and DNA donor, then transplanting mitochondrial tissue from the donor egg cells into the cell nucleus of the intended mother’s eggs, fatal heart conditions, brain disorders, and conditions like muscular dystrophy can be eliminated.

The treatment is controversial and is currently in the clinical trial phase in both the United States and United Kingdom. However, it could be available to fertility patients in just two years’ time.

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Want to learn about genetic disease screening processes? Dr. Mark Hughes of Genesis Genetics Institute explains Preconception Screening for Genetic Disease:

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