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Too Much Bang for Your Buck

Yes, we know twins are adorable. And yes, we know in vitro fertilization is expensive and it's tempting to try for the two-for-one special. But carrying more than one baby puts a mom and her babies at risk for a myriad of medical problems and prolonged hospital stays with skyrocketing health care costs.

In fact, fertility doctors say the safest pregnancy is a singleton pregnancy (just one fetus).

If you are planning for an IVF cycle and are a younger woman (particularly if you are under the age of 35) with high-quality embryos, talk to your fertility doctor about single embryo transfer (SET). Even women over the age of 35 should talk to their fertility doctors about SET as new methods of preimplantation genetic screening combined with frozen embryo transfer (FET) yield some of the highest SET pregnancy rates for women to date.

For more information about SET and the guidelines set forth by American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), read these articles on

Don't forget to visit Fertile Thoughts for information on single embryo transfers and frozen embryo transfers.

Watch as Dr. Gabriel Garzo of Reproductive Partners Medical Group explains: What are the Benefits of Single Embryo Transfer?

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