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Traveling for Fertility Treatment

Due to differences in cost, legal considerations, and availability of specific types of fertility treatment, couples may consider traveling to a different state or country to undergo assisted reproductive treatments like in vitro fertilization (IVF), egg donation, or surrogacy.

Before you pack your bags to embark on a long distance journey to parenthood, consider a few things:

  • Will you be able to schedule a telephone consultation or Skype consultation with your fertility doctor? Will you be able to travel to the clinic for an in-person consultation if needed?

  • Will you be able to stay local to the fertility clinic for approximately 2 months for blood work and ultrasound monitoring? Or will you be able to partner with a doctor or clinic local to your home for these routine tests and have the results sent to your fertility clinic?

  • Will you save money on treatment once the costs of travel come into consideration?

  • Does your fertility clinic have an on-call doctor or nurse, or a 24-hour telephone line that you can call during off-hours (assuming you are in a different time zone)?

  • If you are traveling to another country, do you understand the regulations on fertility drugs and treatment and how they might differ from regulations in your home country?

To find out if an out-of-town doctor is right for you (or if there is an equally fantastic option right in your own backyard), contact our Patient Care Advocates by calling 1-855-955-BABY (2229) or email

Want to learn more about traveling for IVF? Watch as Dr. Angie Beltsos of Fertility Centers of Illinois explains: What is Reproductive Tourism?

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