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Trying to Get Pregnant Can Be Fun ... Really!

If you have been trying to get pregnant for a couple months or a couple of years, you may forget that sex is supposed to be fun. Trying to conceive might seem like a routine task that feels more like a chore than a fun-filled activity with your loved one.

Here are our tips on how to put the spice back into your (baby-making) love life:

  1. Have intercourse other than ovulation time. We know this might sound crazy, but you will feel less stressed, and you might actually enjoy it.
  2. Start with a slow dance to “your” song. Whether it’s your wedding song or just a song you both love, a slow dance will put you both in a romantic mood.
  3. Turn off that TV! (Listening to Conan O’Brien in the background could be a romantic mood killer).
  4. Start with a decadent chocolate dessert (and use your imagination!)

Don’t let infertility kill the mood! Have fun and remember how much you love your partner.