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TTC & the Little Buzz Few Admit

Let's just talk about it like somebody smokes marijuana. Is it okay to use pot when you're trying to get pregnant?

Take away all the legal and related moral issues and you still wind up with a “No” to that question.

It's been studied – a lot – and links to both male and female fertility have been thoroughly explored. So far, no definitive links to marijuana use and women's infertility have been determined. Unfortunately for guys, though, there's growing evidence that chemicals in marijuana can - and do - mess with sperm cells, both how they're formed and how they function. Sorry, guys.

That doesn't even take into consideration the general problem with breathing in smoke, in general. You're going to be hard-pressed to find a scientist anywhere who thinks nothing is wrong with inhaling smoke of any kind.

So while there's no cellular damage to women's eggs, potential consequences from breathing in toxins could only be nil or negative.

Put the pot away!

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