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A Virtual Letter to Your Mother

Dear Mom and Mother-in-Law,

I know you want to be a grandmother (only because you told me 100 times), and trust me, we really are trying to make that happen. But it just doesn’t always happen right away.

Thank you for the (several) newspaper articles you gave me about fertility, but it’s not always necessary to cut out every single article, every week. And regarding the advice you give us about trying to get pregnant, sometimes it’s just not that helpful. I know you mean well, but advising us to "just relax and it will happen" and telling us to "just adopt" doesn’t seem like the best advice. If relaxing could get us pregnant, we would have conceived during our relaxing trip to the beach last winter, and as far as we know, adopting seems like a very long and emotionally draining process as well.

I love you both, but please just give us your support right now.

With Love,

Your Daughter (who will one day make you a grandmother)