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Wanting a Baby Is Like Being Dumped by Your Boyfriend

Wanting a pregnancy is like being dumped by your high school boyfriend. All of a sudden, you see his car or someone who looks exactly like him every place you go. You can’t escape him.

Similarly, when you want a baby, all you see are pregnant women, strollers and toddlers everywhere. You can no longer leave your house without running into a baby bump, whether you’re going to work, the gym or turning on the television.

Like your (lousy) ex-boyfriend (who never called to apologize), you might glare at these women and feel resentment when you see them. You might feel envy or even anger towards them. While your ex probably deserves your resentment and bitterness, you might feel badly for feeling this way toward a pregnant woman.

There is no right or wrong way to feel. Just make sure it doesn’t negatively affect your life. You said "goodbye" to Mr. No Good; now say "so long" to feelings of negativity.

Do yourself a favor and kick them both to the curb!