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This Week in Fertility 06/09/2011

Is 15 the Magic Number in Egg Retrieval?
Fertility doctors say don't oversimplify when predicting IVF success

The 'Whose Pain Is Worse?' Competition
We all need a little hope and humor

Honoring the Wannabe Dads
Wondering if you'll make it to the other side

Infertility Heroes
Men and women who find resourceful ways of resolving their infertility

Seven Simple Things to Avoid for Fertility
Stay away from these and boost your baby-making potential

Do You Feel Like a Mother?
With surrogacy, it is because of Intended Parents that a child exists

Anniversary Reaction
A sixth wedding anniversary triggers thoughts about marriage, infertility

Mother or Egg Donor?
Calling an egg donor a donor

Best Sexual Frequency for Pregnancy?
Daily ejaculation for seven to 10 days for better pregnancy rates


Facebook and Twitter: The Infertility Support Network
24-hour hotlines for fertility support

Infertility Resolution

Video — Who Might Consider Egg Freezing?

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