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The Week in Fertility 06/17

Fertility Features

Fertility Eating on Vacation
8 ways eating can optimize your reproductive and hormonal health

The Hallmark Holidays
Time to tackle another one, Father's Day

At Reproductive Crossroads
Single and getting older: Making decisions about having a baby

“Leaving” Infertility?
When you finally have baby, are you done with infertility?

Finding Your Purpose While Dealing with Infertility
4 benchmarks to help you determine your calling

The Man Cave
Why you shouldn't resent it when your guy shuts the cave door.

Hello Houston, Tampa and D.C.!
Our new microsites help fertility patients locally

Causes of Male Infertility
Up to 50% of Infertility May Be Male Factor

Sperm Donation: Finding a Donor
Donated sperm can be used in a variety of ways to help single women and couples build biological or genetic families.

Along for the Ride
How to manage the highs and lows of cycling

Endometriosis and Your Fertility
Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

Blood Tests for Infertility

Fertility Videos

Choosing a Surrogate
Melissa and Michael talk about the characteristics they looked for in a gestational carrier, as well as the practical issues that might influence the decision.

Ask the Expert: What Are Options for Preserving Fertility?
Dr. Eve Feinberg, of Fertility Centers of Illinois explains various options for preserving your fertility.

A Second Shot at the Daily Shot