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The Week in Fertility 06/24

Desperate Housewives Actress Brenda Strong Talks Infertility with Infertile Naomi
And no fertility topic is off limits!

Constance Marie's Long Road to Baby
Actor tells her infertility story, publically

Limiting Seafood Long Before Pregnancy
Your diet and fertility

Is Your IVF Cycle a Daily Grind?
Here's how to make it more positive

Miracle Outside the Fertility Clinic
A fertility doctor gets a wake up call

Fertility Eating on Vacation
8 ways to optimize your reproductive health while traveling

Gay/Lesbian Family Building
Find out more about your donor/surrogate options and choosing the right clinic

Blood-Clotting Disorders
How They Affect Your Ability to Get Pregnant

Treatment Costs
What You Can Expect to Pay for Infertility Treatment

Cervical Position:
What It Tells You About Your Fertility

Ask the Expert: What are PGD and PGS?
The difference between Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis and Preimplantation Genetic Screening

A Second Shot at the Daily Shot

Fertility News