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This Week in Fertility 10/13

Adoption Myth No. 2
You have to successfully market yourself in order to adopt

Ask a Fertility Nurse
What's the definition of 'amp?'

Doctor of the Month
Dr. William Schoolcraft

Six Myths about Adoption
Myth 1: Adoption is second best

Top Three Fertility Foods
Have you added these to your diet?

Genetic Causes of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
Today, there are more options for screening and treatment

Let's Get Physical (Physical)
Focusing on the things you can 'see' in egg or sperm donation

Should You Disclose the Identity of a Donor?
Examine your feelings about egg and sperm donation

A Look at Artificial Insemination
The least complex assisted reproductive technology

Video: Staying Sane While TTC

Fertility News

A Second Shot at the Daily Shot