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This Week in Fertility

Fertility Financing
Financial products for the infertility market may be available to you

Reproductive Legal Update
International surrogacy, gestational surrogacy, controversial amendments and more

Infertility May Call for New Coping Strategies
Finding new ways when the old ones don't work anymore

Going It Alone
Walking the infertility path without a partner by your side

Is Meeting Your Egg Donor Right for You?
What you should know before you decide

This Week in Fertility
Celine Dion welcomes twin boys, but originally carried triplets

Will Kindness and Gratitude Get You Pregnant?
Maybe not in the biological sense, but they carry a great deal of weight

Full Faith and Credit Given to California Parentage Order by New York Court
Significant ruling for non-biological parents

Video: Journey to the Crib Episode 11 — Access to Your Fertility Doctor

Fertility News

A Second Shot at the Daily Shot