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This Week in Fertility

The Long-Term Impact of Experiences During Pregnancy
A positive message for women who become moms through egg donation

Celebrity Fertility News
What's going on in Hollywood

Trends in Infertility Medicine
Highlights from the ASRM annual meeting

When Your Body Betrays You
Fertility treatments may make you think you're pregnant when you're not

Shared Donor Egg Cycles Can Be an Affordable Option
Two or three recipients may share the cost of treatment

Pregnancy Loss in the Paparazzi Spotlight
Celebrity losses shine light on miscarriages across varying stages of pregnancy

The Reproductive Medicine Community
Fertility doctors, nurses, midwives and others are caring and concerned

What Do Chlamydia Antibodies Have to Do with Fertility?
Women who test positive less likely to get pregnant without IVF

Video: Ask the Expert — Should I Do IUI or IVF?

Fertility News

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