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This Week in Fertility

Holiday Infertility Survival Guide
Advice from our writers on coping during the busy days ahead

Avoid Fertility Medication Sticker Shock
A fertility drug price calculator can help

Mastering the Inner Elephant
How to make New Year's resolutions matter

Recurrent Miscarriage Factors May Increase Heart Attack Risk
Known modifiable risk factors should be controlled

Who Gets the Sperm?
Sperm donors often have questions about the recipients

You Need Body Fat for Conception
There are ideal BMIs and body fat percentages for fertility

Celebrity Multiple Births
Are they IVF or natural?

Thanks for Nothing, Santa
Christmas brings out the painful aspects of infertility

Weight and Unexplained Fertility
The Fertility Doc answers a question about weight and IVF

What Your Cervical Position Can Tell You about Your Fertility
Finding your most fertile time of the month

Resolutions to Enhance Fertility
The New Year is coming — ring in good health!

Video — Nine Months with Your Surrogate

Fertility News

A Second Shot at the Daily Shot