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This Week in Fertility 6/4/2010

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This Week in Fertility June 4, 2010

Has God (and the Church) Forgotten Us?
Looking for infertility support where it seems most obvious, but isn't

Win a Fertility Ball™ and a Yoga4Fertility™ DVD
Through June 14, FertilityAuthority is giving away two sets of some terrific natural fertility products donated by Strong Yoga4Fertility.

Different Paths to Parenthood
One way or another, finding your way to a happy ending. An Infertility counselor helps

Miscarriage: Symptoms, Treatment and Risk Factors

Ask the Expert: What is Egg Donation?
Dr. Jane Nani explains how and when egg donation is used in fertility treatment, and why egg donation is often a successful fertility treatment.

Egg Donors and the Drama Over Payments
Is it wrong to sell donor eggs at high prices? A surrogacy lawyer answers.

Good News for Patients! IVFs are Routine, Successful Procedures
How the fertility doctor has evolved from surgeon to producer

Surgical Tests: Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy

Debating Single Parenthood Going head-to-head with a non-believer

The News is Not Sweet: Sugar Has Got to Go
Give it to optimize your fertility. Here are some healthy substitutes from the FertileKitchen

And Father of the Year Award Goes to…
It was a close race. Here's who Infertile Naomi says won't be winning

Paying PCOS Forward
How I learned the most about my infertility diagnosis

Let's Get This Party Started!
Find a way to honor your new cycle, giving it and yourself due credit

Fertility Clinic Success Rates: How to Interpret the Newly-Reported Statistics

Fertility News

When Is a Woman Too Old to Have a Baby?
It's no longer the natural age of menopause . . .

Celine Dion, Kelly Preston Pregnancies in Focus
Successful pregnancies over 40 still uncommon (and not easy)

A Second Shot at the Daily Shot

"Tell Me to ‘Just Relax’ and I'll . . ."

Pre-Conception Genetic Panic

Make His Sperm Pack Punch

The Answering Machine Message, Infertile Style!

Your Pregnant Pause

Breaking Up (with a Fertile Friend) is Hard to Do

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