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What are Injectable Fertility Drugs?

There are many different ways your fertility drugs can be administered—the easiest, of course, being the pills you can pop in by mouth. But sometimes, it’s necessary to take the fertility drugs via injection, which can be a bit unsettling for those who feel a bit squeamish at the thought of needles. Certain classes of fertility drugs are given via injection:

GnRH agonists and GnRH antagonists
GnRH agonists, such as Lupron, and GnRH antagonists, such as Cetrotide, can help regulate your ovulation. This is often used during an IVF cycle to prevent early ovulation before egg retrieval. These medications are given subcutaneously by injection.

This class of fertility drugs are prescribed for fertility treatments such as IVF or IUI, and include different types like human menopausal gonadotropins (hMG), follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). Usually, your fertility doctor will prescribe a combination of these to stimulate ovulation. These gonadotropin medications can be given via intramuscular or subcutaneous injection.

Progesterone in oil
Progesterone (including brand names like Provera or Endometrin) can be used to help prevent a uterine lining from shedding, which can aid in allowing a fertilized egg to implant into the uterus. It can be injected intramuscularly.

It can feel a little overwhelming getting started with injectable fertility drugs, but it really isn’t so bad (been there, done that) and the end result should be worth it.

To find out more information on how these injectable fertility drugs work, check out Dr. Daniel Shapiro, a fertility doctor with Reproductive Biology Associates, explain situations in which these fertility meds are used.

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