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What Do Allergies Have to Do with Ovulation?

Spring is here and with the warmer weather comes blooming flowers and…allergies.

Before you reach for allergy and cold medications, whether over the counter or prescription, consider what the main ingredients may do to impact your cervical mucus.

Antihistamines and other allergy drugs can decrease or dry up your cervical mucus. While these drugs will not impede ovulation, they can create a hostile environment for sperm to swim and make charting your cervical mucus more difficult.

Conversely, cold medications that contain guaifenesin loosen up thick cervical mucus and promote the production of “egg white” cervical mucus. This type of cervical mucus is considered more fertile because it helps sperm swim toward the ovulated egg.

Consult your fertility doctor about over the counter and prescription drug use during your fertility treatment cycles. Your doctor will advise you on which medications are safe to take without compromising your window of fertile cervical mucus during ovulation. If you are using an antihistamine or guaifenesin during your expected time of ovulation, be sure to use an ovulation prediction kit (OPK) to test for ovulation since either drug can alter the appearance and consistency of cervical mucus.

Have questions about fertility, cervical mucus, or OPKs? Check out the Basal Body Temperature (BBT), OPK, and Home Pregnancy Test (HPT) forum on!

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