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What to Expect when You're Not Quite Expecting

Getting pregnant isn’t as easy as it looks, although Hollywood makes it look like a breeze. Actress Kate Hudson always seems to get pregnant in every movie, Katherine Heigl always lands her man and a baby by the end of the film, and even Jennifer Aniston can find a sperm donor before you even finish your popcorn.

But in the real world, getting pregnant can be difficult. So what should you expect when you’re not quite expecting?

Here are five things:

  1. Expect a lot of fertility advice (some wanted and some unwanted).
  2. Expect to feel like you are the only couple experiencing infertility even when it's not true at all. Many couples struggle with infertility privately.
  3. Expect to feel upset and angry toward your period. Who wants to see her anyways!
  4. Expect to feel envious of a pregnant friend. It’s natural to feel both jealous and happy for her.
  5. Expect to feel moody and irritable. Thank you fertility drug side effects!