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What if I Need to Ship My Frozen Eggs or Embryos?

If you have frozen eggs or embryos stored with your fertility clinic after a fertility treatment or egg freezing cycle, you may be wondering what happens if you switch clinics or relocate.

The good news is, there are ways to ship your frozen eggs or embryos to wherever it is you need them to be. Egg freezing patients should know that if they decide to settle their life across the country, their frozen eggs can be easily shipped. IVF patients who are considering treatment with a new fertility doctor can rest assured that their frozen embryos will be able to join them, safe and sound.

When thinking ahead about the future of your frozen eggs or embryos, you will want to survey your clinic to see what policies and procedures are in place for helping to make this transition easier for you. Fertility Authority and Cryoport have compiled a list of Nine Frequently Asked Questions on Shipping Your Embryos to Another Fertility Clinic. The handling of frozen embryos and eggs is quite similar, so these questions are relevant regardless of your stage in the family building journey.

Want to learn more about egg and embryo freezing techniques? Watch as Dr. Andy Huang, of Reproductive Partners Medical Group discusses vitrification:

Click image to play.

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