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What Questions Should I Ask My Clinic About Donor Egg IVF?

For some women and couples, it takes a lot of consideration and perhaps even some grieving before moving forward with donor egg IVF. Those who do decide to pursue donor eggs understand that their odds for successfully conceiving are significantly higher with donor eggs than with their own eggs, usually due to diminished ovarian reserve. Because the decision to use donor eggs is not an easy one, it helps to work with a fertility doctor who has extensive experience with egg donation to ease your fears about the process.

Fertility Authority and Dr. James Lin, the founder of Reproductive Fertility Center, have worked together to compose a list of FAQs for Donor Egg IVF. This includes:

  • What should I look for in a fertility clinic (i.e. communication style of the doctor and staff, donor egg IVF success rates, number of cycles performed at the clinic each year, and if the clinic works with donor egg agencies or has their own pool of donors.)?
  • Are there benefits to selecting an egg donor from an agency?
  • Why might an egg donor recipient consider traveling to an out-of-state clinic?
  • What preparations must be made for an out-of-state IVF cycle?
  • Can I request a specific ethnicity of donor eggs?

By working with a team of providers that are experienced in egg donation, your transition to pregnancy and parenthood will be much smoother.

Looking for additional information on egg donor IVF? Check on the Donor Issues forum and Egg Donor and Embryo Match forum on!

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