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What 'They' Didn't Tell You about Getting Pregnant

Remember learning about the birds and the bees in school? Your sex education teacher talked about your health, safe sex and protection, but she never seemed to mention the word infertility. It seemed like getting pregnant was pretty easy, but in reality, getting pregnant can be pretty darn difficult.

Here’s what your sex education should have taught you way back then…

  • You can be financially and emotionally prepared for a child, and it still might not happen right away.
  • It’s common to feel envious and upset when other women get pregnant before you.
  • It’s very common to see a fertility doctor (reproductive endocrinologist) when having trouble conceiving.
  • Everyone gets pregnant at different times (just because your friends got pregnant within four months, it doesn’t mean you will).
  • You don’t always ovulate every month (even though your teacher said that would!)

Sometimes it makes you wonder “Why did I use birth control for all those years anyway?”

But it’s probably a good thing you did!